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About Flash360.ae


Who we are

Flash360 provides a one-stop, enhanced shopping experience to consumers online, for their daily clothing needs and planned purchases of fashion accessories, garments, shorts, trousers etc. Currently it operates in Dubai offering 24/7 deliveries and customer support with short-term plans to expand its operations nationwide.
Currently operating in beta phase, Flash360 has already forged valuable business relationships with majority of buyers in United Arab Emirates and is moving rapidly to expanding the number of SKU’s available for its customers.
Business Objectives
  • Seamless Shopping Experience
  • Largest Product Selection
  • Dedicated Customer Support
A team of talented and dedicated experts in the the fields of e-commerce, digital media, supply chain, logistics, customer services, finance and operations is already on board to make this venture a resounding success and a case study for other organizations to replicate in order to become successful in U.A.E. and Middle East.
To be an exemplary business and a model corporate citizen in a country faced with numerous challenges, Flash360 has plans to become a paperless work environment to protect the trees, focus on consumption of clean, renewable energy and maintain a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Paperless Work Environment
  • Clean Energy
  • Process Automation